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Being bluntly honest about shortcomings is something that resonates with people. Case in point, Comedian Louis C.K. has made his entire career about his struggles as a parent. There’s something refreshing about someone sharing their obstacles. Ironically, when someone talks about their failings there’s an understanding that the person is working on overcoming those shortcomings and can be trusted more so than someone who ignores them.

When we watch Louis C.K., for example, we don’t think he’s a bad parent because of his challenges – but think just the opposite. As he talks about his failings and struggles, we empathize with him and realizesthat his frustrations come from constant work in trying to do the right thing and assume that he’s probably, in fact, a great dad.

Let’s face reality. Many people have had horrible experiences with web designers and digital marketing. They’ve been over-charged, over-promised and have a horrible taste in their mouth. The reason companies like wix and weebly have thrived is because people have essentially had it with web designers.

Instead of talking about all the amazing services or features a web designer can do for you, one Los Angeles Web Design firm has taken a blunt approach about the industry in an infographic they just put out.

If you were to show the infographic below about why most web designers suck to a prospective client, you would essentially be saying that you know what they’ve been through and promise that you’ll stand out from the crowd by rising above these expectations.

Infographic provided by Rhino Marketing Group

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