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I bought an online business that was doing pretty well with SEO and PPC that just tanked. I mean it literally went from providing a positive income to costing me every month. I had already poured a lot of money into the business and couldn’t afford to lose it or let it go belly up. Rhino Marketing Group explained how the Google Algorithm had recently changed and how PPC was starting to do the same. They were able to get my company back into the black within 2 months and have since grown it to nearly four times the size it was when I originally bought it. They were the best investment I ever made.

Jesse Planker

Sock Attack

After a rough divorce I decided to relocate to Seattle but with Obamacare in full-effect I found it nearly impossible to get on insurance boards and had to rebuild my therapy practice another way. I thought I could do some online advertising myself with Google but it ended up being a really expensive learning curve. After what felt like thousands down the drain someone recommended Rhino and Jon really took care of me. It didn’t take long until I had the therapy practice I always wanted. I actually have more clients now than I did back home and with them all being private pay the money is better and there’s less paper work to deal with. I’m just grateful that I got a second chance at life out here.



Only a couple years out of law school I had to find a way to attract clients if I wanted to leave the grueling practice I was with. Rhino got my site up and running fast. I was working so many hours that I really didn’t have time to network and needed to rely on incoming calls to try to build up my new practice. It wasn’t before long that I was able to go on my own. Been using them for online ads since 2014 and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.



Rhino was terrific to work with. Jon was very professional.  Our communication was great. The way he explained things made it easy to understand. The web pages he designed not only looked great but the functionality was flawless. I also found him to be very ethical and fair.  In addition to all those wonderful things, Jon’s response time was very fast. Whenever I asked him to do something, he took care of it that day.

Damon Wisegarden

Allied Central Partners

Jon at Rhino Marketing Group literally saved my website after I had been taken  on a ride by several other so-called website designers. He is extremely professional and prompt, provides excellent advice and service and his work is both creative and affordable. I plan on utilizing Jon and Rhino Marketing Group for all website needs moving forward.

Joan Lizfod

Wellness Group

We called Rhino Marketing Group to work on an our site that we kind of gave up on. It was sitting there for years bringing in the occasional phone call and we decided to jump into the online marketing world. We called him an within a couple of months the phone was ringing off the hook. It really couldn’t have come at a better time either.

Rose Akin

Capital Financing Group

Amazing experience from start to finish. Jon at Rhino was there for me every step of the way and dealt with my questions in a calm and professional manner. Jon designed my website and helped me create my logo. He provided me with video tutorials teaching me how to update and edit my site as needed. He is honest and I can say that using him was a wise investment on my private practice.

Alana Stein

Lunch LA

Rhino Marketing Group is very professional and stuck to their budget in creating an easy to use website. Moreover, they were very accomodating and did everything possible to make our vision for a website a reality. They created a website for my nonprofit organization in a very timely manner and I highly recommend them to all of my friends!

Tony Elias

Hospaid Pharmaceuticals

Rhino Marketing Group took my online presence from virtually invisible to a force to be reckoned with. I had no choice but to refer them a ton of business because most of my clients ask me who did my website. They’re always available to talk on the phone or via email and their serivce and work is second to none.

Jonathan Chang

Chang Family Dentistry

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