Custom Affordable Small Business Website

Only $1,999

$1,999 design rate requires a 12-month, $99/month hosting & maintenance plan.

Holy Shennanigans!

A gorgeous custom-designed small business website made by a U.S. company for only $1,999? Can it be true? You Bet!

We're Awesome!

Some even call us the best web design company for small business ever! #humblebrag.

Take a look at some of our reviews:

We looked at lots of web design companies before choosing to go with Rhino Marketing and we are incredibly happy with the results. They were able to create exactly what we wanted and come up with great marketing ideas for the future that we are already starting to implement.

Remarkable, amazing, extremely  trustworthy, my husband and I interviewed about 5 companies and felt so uneasy with each and everyone, as each one had a different confusing advise how to do the website and marketing, I was referred to rhino marketing by an associate and I have never looked back...

I was a bit nervous hiring Rhino Marketing because they didn't have any experience in my industry but I loved their portfolio and the people I spoke with there. It's a year later now and I couldn't be more thrilled with going with them. My website has great content on it and continues to grow each month.

Not ready to pull the trigger? No problem

Take a look around the web, talk to the other guys. We’ll be here waiting when you realize the bargain price for the site you’ll get. 

Up front, no b.s. pricing in black and white

There’s not even long, annoying blocks of fine print


Custom, Mobile-Ready Website

If you don’t need a large site or complicated forms and features this is the perfect plan for you. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s basic – these sites look fan-freakin’-tastic and let your clients know you’re the bees knees!


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

When you need complicated forms, and lots of content this plan is for you! It includes up to 30 pages of content + free hosting for 1 year, regular content updates, security, and a certificate promising we’ll be your best friend forever (certificates are limited).

Websites good enough to write home about

Yeah yeah, the websites are pretty but do they convert? We’ve spent over 10 years working with clients to make sure their sites pass the sniff test. When visitors come to a website we’ve built they know the company is the real deal.

My LA Therapist
My LA Therapist- Phone Portrait

Computers are sooo last year, right?

Over half of your website visitors are going to find your website on their phone. No joke – more than half! If your website doesn’t work right on a phone those people just bounce and end up working with one of your competitors – don’t let that happen. We make sure that all of our websites are responsive – that’s geek talk for “they look great on phones as well as computers.”

What’s included in these INSANE prices?

Oh there’s a ton included – we’re crazier than those mattress salesmen on the radio

  • No Contract
  • New Website
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Premium Plugins
  • Premium Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Premium CDN
  • Regular Site Backups
  • Regular Security Updates
  • FREE Malware Removal
  • Site Maintenance
  • Content Updates
  • Google Analytics
  • GMB Connect
  • Transparent Pricing
  • U.S.A. Phone & Email Support

But do you guys do other stuff?

Looking for other services we might offer…sure thing. With a flick of the magic wand and a simple chat over the phone we can do:

  • Voice-Over Talent
  • Copywriting
  • Dedicated SEO-Campaigns
  • Online Tutorials and WordPress Training
  • Professional graphics and logo design
  • Complex contact forms with the option of polls, email list integration, surveys and more.

Show me the goods!

So you want to see what kind of site you can get for these bottom of the barrel pricing deals? You asked for it – here they are. Just a handful of our recent websites for you to peruse. Go ahead, peruse away.

Legend Express Co.
Reina Resnik, ESQ
European Skin Clinic
Can’t write? We can take care of that!

Can’t write? We can take care of that!

Did you know that the number one reason for delays in our website projects is waiting for our clients to provide the copy for their website pages? We’ve worked hard to get really good and really fast at writing punch-you-in-the-face good content. Even though we have a playful tone on our own website we write in lots of different styles to suit your business. All it takes is 10-20 minutes on the phone with you to gather enough information where we can run off and type on our keyboards so fast it will make your head spin.

So…how does this all work?

We put together a page with some of our most frequently asked questions in case you have some of those. We’ve titled the page FAQ – original, right? You can visit our faq page but here are a few of the most common questions we get just in case your finger’s feeling lazy and you don’t want to click on that FAQ page. 

You guys are near Los Angeles? Sheesh, that’s far from me. Is that a problem?

If you want to come by and say hi to us on a weekly basis that might be a problem, but if you’re comfortable with working with us via phone and email – like 99% of our other clients then we should be just fine. The world is a digital place now and most business is conducted without ever meeting face to face – I mean have you ever met an Amazon employee in person (and we don’t mean the guy who delivers your Prime packages). 

Do I have to let you guys host my site?

Most of our clients – and we’re talking over 90% – ask us to host their site for them. This allows us to monitor the site, make sure it’s malware-free, make updates for you faster and make sure your site loads as fast as possible. If any of those things we just mentioned goes wrong your site can start to a die a horrible death and when you go with cheap hosting that’s typically what happens. But if you’re insistent on hosting elsewhere we can definitely accommodate that cause we’re not going to hold you hostage or anything – at the end of the day it’s your site. We just need to be able to get into your hosting environment to install the site on your server. 


How Long will it take you to complete a website?

Every site we do starts with a free consultation. Usually, we just jump on a call to talk to you about what you’re trying to do to make sure we’re all on the same page. Once we figure out what it is we’re going to build for you and you give us the green light it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but every project is different. If you have a ton of pages you need to be built out it might take longer, and it can actually be even faster in some situations, but we generally say 2-4 weeks to give you a rough idea. Believe it or not, the thing that usually takes the longest is waiting for our clients to give us their images or text for their website – that’s a subtle hint to let us write your content for a nominal fee.

Protection from Malware and Hackers

The internet is full of horrible, evil people who suck

When you host with us we take security seriously. Each and every one of our sites are monitored like a watch dog. Here are just some of the things we do:

  • Malware monitoring
  • Virus Scans
  • Email alerts
  • Malware Cleanup
  • Regular site scanning
  • Blacklist removal
  • Regular site backups
  • More Geeky Complicated Stuff

If you’ve ever owned a website you know that something as simple as a contact form will attract the fleas of the internet to spam you until you want to throw your laptop out the window. Hacking sites is not a passing fad and is not going anywhere. In fact, every year we see an uptick in hack attempts and that’s why we take security seriously because if your website is down it sends a bad bad bad message to your clients.