10 Blogging Tasks that are better left to a Virtual Assistant 

10 Blogging Tasks that are better left to a Virtual Assistant
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A little known fact: Blogging is a fulltime job. Between marketing management and content creation, there isn’t enough time left in the day to have an actual life. Non-bloggers think that you write a couple of hours a day, and the cash just starts pouring in. It just doesn’t work like that. That’s why there has been a rise in outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants. 

We understand that your blog is your baby, and it’s hard to entrust blog-related tasks to someone else. But if blogging is eating up too much of your time (we’re almost sure that it is), it may be time to take a few tasks off your plate. Here are some jobs you can assign to your virtual assistant so you can get your life back: 

1. Research and content planning 

You must know that half of the content creation process doesn’t involve actual creation, but research. There’s a tendency for posts to get stale, so most bloggers find it prudent to lay out the topics that they’re going to create content about. This way, they can create a more coherent resource for their audience. Credible data also has to go into the content, and that requires a lot of reading. Asking your VA to do this will free you up to what you love doing most: the creation part. 

2. Editing

Blogs that stand the test of time are those that contain high-quality content. You can’t publish subpar content and expect your audience to grow. That’s why quality control has to be performed in the form of editing, which almost takes as much time as writing. Having a fresh pair of eyes to polish your content isn’t going to hurt. 

3. Social media management 

Blogging doesn’t end with posting content. You also have to entice readers from other social media platforms. Interacting with people on social media on a daily basis can be taxing for those who just want to focus on content creation. Leave these interactions to your VA, along with keeping up with current trends so you can stay informed. On social media, your VA can also create surveys and post related articles to keep your audience engaged. 

4. Network expansion 

Let’s say you have ongoing dialogues in your community. It’s hard to respond to every comment, let alone leave comments on other blogs. But failing to do these things will isolate you in your niche, and your authority will take a hit. You can ask your VA to answer questions and address criticisms. You can also ask him/her to follow other blogs in your niche, so you can keep track of your competitions’ progress. 

5. SEO 

Not only does your blog have to be a rich resource, but it also has to be visible. A VA who understands the Google marketing platform, backlinks, and knows how to look for optimal keywords will take the SEO side of things off your hands. Performing these tasks will drive in more traffic to your blog. 

6. Email responses 

Members of your mailing list will occasionally write back to you. They’ll ask questions, offer suggestions, and share ideas. Other bloggers might also reach out to you in hopes of collaborating. While getting feedback and offers can feel good, responding to them sure takes a lot of time. Having a VA who can respond on your behalf will keep all your correspondences alive and meaningful. Just make sure to train them well so that they represent you the best (as you should do with any of these tasks).

7. Transcription work 

If videos and podcasts are a part of your content, some people from your audience would appreciate transcripts of these forms of media. It could be for the hearing impaired or those who simply want to read. Transcribing audio is very time-consuming. For example, it’s going to take more than 20 minutes to transcribe a 20-minute video. There’s going to be a lot of pausing and correcting. It’s better to have a VA reproduce your content in written form to have the option ready for those who need it. 

8. Bookkeeping 

If managing your time and resources isn’t your thing, then you would do better by assigning those tasks to someone else. There is no shortage of virtual assistants out there who have great scheduling and accounting skills. Your VA can send you a detailed account of your expenses, earnings, and obligations. You’ll never have to miss another online meeting again. VAs who are also proficient in analytics can also give your progress reports about your online marketing strategy. 

9. Content creation 

If you’re having difficulty in creating your own content, why not get a VA who is skilled enough to mimic your tone? Oftentimes, VAs are multitalented and have something to offer creatively. Give yours a chance to apply their creativity to their work. 

Even if you’re going through a dry spell, you can always ask your VA to write up a blog post or design an infographic. It’s essential that you stick to a strict posting schedule, so it’s nice to have a backup when you’re unable to do so. If you feel weird about handing an over a task as important as content creation, you can have your VA refresh your old posts instead. 

10. Administrative tasks 

A virtual assistant is essentially a secretary, and they can do just about anything an office worker can accomplish in the comfort of their homes. It’s acceptable to ask your VA to do the following administrative tasks: 

  • Data entry 
  • Sending eCards 
  • Travel arrangement
  • Scheduled reminders 
  • Google Drive organization 
  • eBook formatting 
  • Post publishing 
  • Adding tags to images
  • Training a new VA
  • Adding new members to your mailing list 
  • Creating email newsletters 


Virtual assistants are a godsend. They help bloggers and online entrepreneurs to stay organized and on track. Tasks are only limited to a person’s capabilities. If you manage to find a virtual assistant who is multifaceted and can handle diverse tasks, then all the better. Just expect to be paying more for highly qualified people. With help, what you’re really paying for is time. 

If you need help in figuring out which of these tasks would be right for your blog, give us a call and we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.