9 Tips On How to Hire a Good Writer For Your Blog 

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You finally decided to start your blog, or you have a blog with only a few posts due to your busy schedule. And you think hiring a writer for your blog will be the best option; however, some questions are unanswered to you, how do I hire a writer for my blog? Or, where do I get a good writer for my blog?

Working with a good writer can do a lot for your blog. What matters is how often you produce useful content to your readers. If you want to, with a good writer, you can even post content every day without compromising the quality of any single post.  

Hiring a reliable writer is the best strategy you can implement for your content needs. It will spare your time in the end. Thus, you will have more time to focus on other things in your busy schedule without abandoning your blog.

What To Look For In A Good Writer

Before you think of posting a job or asking for recommendations for a good writer, it’s essential to know what you want.

Just like shopping, if you don’t make a list, it may end up being an expensive trip to the mall. Your requirement list should be unique, considering the skillset you’re looking for, but you can use this simple list to start with.

  • Writing Skills. This sounds basic, right? But it isn’t. Nothing is frustrating more than poor grammar from an “expert writer.” If you want to be sure that an applicant is a detail-oriented insert an instruction, “ Start with ‘shoe’ in your application.”
  • Basic knowledge. As just a requirement, the writer you’re looking to hire should prove their experience of writing similar articles and a basic understanding of the writing field. 
  • Confident Writing Command. It’s good to be accurate, but the biggest challenge for any blog is to be interesting enough to keep readers coming back often for more content. 
  • Commitment to quality. During your skype or phone interview process, determine how well the writer receives your advice. This is the best measure of how well you will work together. 

So, how can you hire a good writer? Below are tips that can help you hire a perfect writer for your blog post needs.

Ask For Recommendation

“I don’t know any writer.” You might be thinking that. However, you don’t need to know one, but I am sure you know a business in your niche who might be dealing with writers who supply them with their blog content. Ask them who they have done projects with and if possible, demand that they should only refer the best. Be sure also to know why they suggested that particular person. This can give you an idea of who you’re reaching out to and how you’re going to approach the matter

Use Job Boards To Evaluate Writers

There are many job boards dedicated particularly to finding bloggers and writers. These job boards are a great place to evaluate several writers and screen them to only remain with the best candidate.

Some off the available best job boards are BloggingPpro job board and ProBlogger job board. You can also try to post your job on other common job boards. But be sure to encounter a lot of resumes from unqualified candidates who might be looking to get that rare opportunity.

Utilize a freelancer Market place

These are middlemen companies that are in the business of connecting freelance experts with business at various levels. You can either go through the freelancers’ portfolios or post a job on that site and let writers bid.

Some of the most well-known freelance market place are Upwork, fiver, lance, etc. Thousands of writers utilize these sites to get their writing gigs.

Post A Job On Writing Forums.

If the forum rules accept it, you can ask anyone interested to apply. However, the best way that can work with any forum is to participate like any other member actively. If you come across any new exciting posters, you can privately inbox them about your amazing offer.

Before you decide to hire a writer, know what you want. 

Are you looking for a writer who can write one article a month or weeks or even producing content every single day? Are you looking to hire a single writer, or you want several? Freelancer needs all this information so that they can fix you in their schedule without interfering with their other jobs.

Do An Extensive Background Check?

Google each of their names (the writers that you’ll want to consider). They should have either a blog of their own or a website. Even though they haven’t done any official publication yet.

Have options

Compile a list of about five names that you can compare, and you want to have as many candidates as possible so that you can increase your chances of hiring a perfect writer for your blog posts.

Ask for their work samples

Let them show you the work they have done before so that you can judge their writing style. Or, you can ask them to do a single paid post before you let them sign a long-term contract. This will help you know the quality of their work and if their writing style can match that of your blog.

If you’re looking for a single writer to manage your blog, it’s wise if you do a phone or skype interview with them before deciding to go ahead with the contract.

Final thoughts

Hiring a writer isn’t easy for every person. It depends on the type of publications you want to create and how big you want to go with your blog.

Whether you commit to writing your blog post or hire a writer, the most important thing is to commit to publishing your content consistently. The worst thing is to have an abandoned blog on your website, collecting dust.