9 Tips On How To Rank Your Google Business Profile Higher

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Just like any other person, you want your google Business Profile to rank higher. It is no secret. But how do you do that? To rank top on google, it has to do with optimizing your site with the right design and keywords to ensure that it appears top in related google search results. For you to be a pro in ranking top on google, start with Search Engine Optimization and content creation. This will help you get more traffic and increase exposure for your business website.

You should consider starting your website from the ground up if you want to rank your google business profile higher in 2019. Hire experts to build for you a customized SEO-friendly site for your business. It isn’t going to be easy, but with experts, your rankings will increase rapidly.

Below are the pro tips that will get your google business profile ranking higher.

Creating a Diverse Website Content

Out of over 200 factors that determine ranking top on google, your content is the most crucial. Featuring testimonies from your clients on your site can also help in rankings and, it’s an excellent way to connect with your new and existing audience and build more trust. Use testimonies to build your confidence, content to communicate, and emails and newsletter to maintain your clients’ relationship.

Use Your Network To Get Quality Backlinks

Explore other websites around; it could be that of your clients, partners, providers, any associations you may be part of, local communities, local directories, or influencers. All these websites may have a significant impact on your Search Engine Optimization as well as driving traffic and increase awareness for your business. You’re already doing business with them, so ask for a mention, a testimonial, a case study, or any other kind of backlinks.

Optimize Your Site For Voice Search

You’re looking for a valuable tip to help you improve your ranking, is that correct? If so then, you should consider optimizing your website with voice search. As of January 2018, there was an estimation of one billion voice searches per month. This statistic has rapidly grown, and it’s likely to continue to grow in the coming years. Optimizing your website now will give you an edge in all areas of your marketing.

Monitor, Your Competitors, To Discover New Opportunities

Start tracking your competition using tools such as SpyFu, SEMrush, or make a list of your competitors by just simply googling. Find the sectors where your competitors are not good at and maximize on that.

For example, if you are a dentist could first get a service that is highly searched on Google, but it’s not talked about in detail on your competitor’s site. In this example, a service like “tooth filling” may be briefly listed on your competitor’s websites, but no one has elaborated every detail, created videos, FAQ, or images. If you do all that, you will increase your chances of dominating that topic.

Utilize Your Competitors’ SEO Research

Apply your competitors’ SEO work to your website. Such as when you want to write your descriptions and Meta titles. Take a look at your competitions’ google paid ads for your keywords. Do most of them mention a phrase or a word? Apply those words to improve your Meta titles and descriptions. After all, they used a lot of cash to taste them out.

Use Accelerated Mobile Searches

Google values speed, and it got tired of waiting for you to anticipate the speed of their website. Hence, they initiated the AMP project. This is a unique page structure that clears away fancy styling to leave a more simple page. Simple pages load quickly. However, there are debates in Search Engine Optimization about the benefits of AMP. If you’re running your site on a budget, this is a winning concept. And, if you’re hosting your blog with WordPress, you can easily use this too.

Be Active on Google

Secure your google my business listing then verify it; afterward, you’ll have to take a lot of pictures of your office (inside and outside), also get several images of your staff. Make it a habit to take pictures of your business in-action and post all of them on your google my business profile. A profile that is verified and optimized stands out in search results, particularly among clients in your local area. Your customers are likely to contact you if you provide more visual information.

Write Clear And Short Headlines

Most people’s websites fail to write clear and short headlines on their sites. Don’t be one of them. Headlines are such huge ranking criteria for google search engines. Because headlines are crucial, most business owners attempt to write fun or clever headlines, but it’s a big mistake. Instead, write a title that communicates a single what, who, where why, or when statements that give a summary of the content that follows. Imagine if someone was only to read the title, would they understand the content of your post? Headlines that are written clearly helps search engines and your readers to understand your content.

Get A lot Of High-Quality Reviews

Reviews signals is an essential factor in the top ranking; this refers to the velocity, quality, diversity, and quantity of reviews that are left by your customers. Google reviews are more important compared to other third-party reviews such as facebook, yelp, and other sites, but they also count. It’s best if you get your services/products mentioned in the reviews. There is an assumption that if you respond more to the reviews, the possibility of ranking higher is high.

Bottom line

If you want to rank high on google, you need to strategically use keywords and some design that are google favored on your site. Mastering how to rank top on google can help you get high organic and local results. To hold a high position on google, you should make your effort more consistent because online searches are the main way that customers can find your company or products.