What is a Landing Page Anyways? 

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When discussing how you can boost your ROI, you’re going to hear the term “landing page” a lot. What exactly is it? Landing pages on your site are pages that are specifically designed to generate leads or convert traffic. On these pages, there are usually elements that ask for potential customers’ contact information. 

Now, what makes a landing page effective? Excellent landing pages should be focused on a specific stream of traffic. For example, you might have a landing page that’s designed for potential customers who clicked on an ad on Instagram. Because the demographic on Instagram is primarily young, hip people, an appropriate landing page should be designed according to their preferences. 

You’re probably starting to understand why landing pages are so vital for your website. The next question is: what types of landing pages are there? Let’s enumerate them below: 

Community membership 

A standard part of an online marketing strategy is to create a following. This allows customers to become a part of an ongoing conversation. Within a community, you can establish your authority and address your members’ specific concerns. Some companies make their memberships invitation-only. You could have a landing page that lets users sign up to join. 

Free trials and promos 

If you’re pushing products or enticing potential customers with free trials of your services, you could put all those offerings on a landing page. On a separate page, users will be able to put in their information in exchange for your samples. 

Email newsletter subscription

If you post content consistently and don’t want your audience to miss out on anything, you could give them a chance to stay updated through email newsletters. A lot of people find it annoying to have emails cluttering up their inboxes, but some genuinely want to get updates from their favorite companies and individuals. You could make a landing page that lets users leave their email to be included on your mailing list. 

Event registration

Let’s say you’re holding an event like a symposium or a meet-and-greet. Using a landing page as a registration portal for your guests can help them stay updated for the said upcoming event. You could send out details about the gathering to let people know what they can expect from attending. 

Software downloads 

By software, we mean anything from mobile to desktop apps. People who would like to get your company’s dedicated software could benefit from a landing page where they could download it. 


As you can see, landing pages are ways for your audience to essentially get in touch with you. Lead-optimized landing pages will make it more likely for your traffic to turn into leads. Why would you not want a bunch of those on your website? 

Don’t make the mistake of directing all the traffic that you’re generating to your homepage. Oftentimes, potential customers get overwhelmed by this move. It’s better to take where they’re coming from into account and show them what they have to see at that point in the sales funnel.